Kathy Bertram
Kathy has a burning desire to reach people for Jesus. As a child and into early adulthood she never felt like she belonged. She knows what it is like to get picked on and made to feel that you don't matter. In Aug of 1998 she heard the salvation message while in training at Sheppard AFB TX. She opened her heart and God truly made her a new creation! 2 Cor. 5:17! She went from feeling like a failure and a person without a future to serving in the United States Air Force, enjoying success in bodybuilding, serving as a full time strength evangelist, and most recently has broken into secular television. She has been featured on "Explosiv" and "punkt 12" (RTL German tv), to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lopez Tonight, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, G4 Web tv, and others! Kathy loves to share what the power of positive choices and what can happen in your life when you overcome the obstacles we all face! Kathy lives in Saint Paul MN,

Kathy's favorite verse:
"All things are possible for those who BELIEVE!"
- Mark 9:23